Why I Decided to Start Growing My Own Food

I started getting interested in organic gardening a few years ago while I was still living in the city. The very thought of growing your own food sounds really fascinating. But I was living in an apartment back then that has little to no less access to water and even sunlight. I was also constantly traveling so I knew back then that starting an 'edible garden' was impossible.

Now that I am living here in the country and have a large backyard, I finally have all the space and time to start all my plans a long time ago.

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to start growing my own food is the assurance that everything I put in my mouth is clean. I can no longer trust the vegetables being sold in markets today. Who knows what kind of pesticides are being sprayed on them. The very thought makes me sick to my stomach.

Organic gardening is simply a healthier option. Growing your own vegetables and fruits has got to be the best thing that you can do for your health. I figured that if I start making healthy choices, I will be one step closer to a better life.

Growing your own food also helps you save money. When I started organic gardening, I realized how ridiculously expensive the fruits and vegetables are in the supermarket. Why would I spend hundreds of pesos for a kilo of onion and garlic when I can grow my own? Instead of buying malunggay when cooking utan bisaya, why not grow one in my backyard?

The money I should be spending on vegetables can now be allocated for something else. Isn't that amazing?

I believe that growing our own food is important. It's a basic life skill that should be taught especially to the next generation. If more people are producing their own food in the backyards, there would be less of a need to mass-produce fruits and vegetables that are, in fact, no longer healthy.

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